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We envision AlwadiCS as the Best Scrap buyers not only in UAE but in the other countries too.We do foresee ourselves in serving high quality services to a wide range of customers globally.We will continue to assist our dear clients in handling scrap materials.

We are taking new technology and environmental protection as our initial fundamental starting point. Fast checkout to improve the recycling process, thereby providing you with the best possible overall service.

We have a dedicated and trained health & safety team which continuously monitors, evaluates and controls health, safety and environment
HSE is an important part of our work-culture and organization

In AlwadiCS We are a professional team and we guarantee to provide the best prices for buying our client’s scraps materials.
We have these core values which are to serve our clients with full passion, honesty and integrity and this is why we are the leading company for Scrap buyers in the United Arab Emirates.Through years of professionalism, innovation, and best customer service, the company has emerged as a trusted name in the scrap metal recycling industry.
With operations in most parts of the world, the company is rapidly growing with the expansion of yards, increasing volume of scrap metal handling and growing workforce.
We are commitment to the highest quality standards and focus on nurturing customer relationships.
Over the years, we have built a strong base of satisfied customers and vendors.

Just give us a call,  and we will picking up the Scrap.

Aluminum scrap is generally classified as "new scrap" from the production process and "old scrap" from reuse.
Scrap metal is the combination of scrap metal, metallic materials and any product containing metals .
copper Scrap refers to copper wire, copper pipes, roofing copper or copper pipes that can be converted into scrap products of refined metals and alloys.
Ferrous metals include mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and wrought iron
It consists of miscellaneous coated and uncoated zinc die castings
A wire contains just one line of electrical conduction ,A cable is a unified group of wires insulated by plastic or rubber sheathing,Lead is a highly corrosion resistant, dense, ductile, and malleable blue-grey metal, which has been used for at least 5000 years
For AlwadiCS Recycling, your waste is above all a raw material for the manufacture of a new industrial product. This vision has been driving us in the recycling and recovery of your waste for 10 years.

Best prices guaranteed for clients in a reliable & transparent manner

Extensive transport, machinery & logistics support  Nationwide Service

Offering clients a solution focused & innovative partner with a proven track record

AlwadiCS is one of UAE leading processers of scrap metal with business operations around the globe,Over the years, we have emerged as one of the most-trusted brands with our commitment to quality and capability to handle large volumes of metal scrap.

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office : 116 Dar al wuheida building , Abu Hail , Dubai , UAE

Stock : Umm Al Quwain , New Induestrial Area , UAE

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